Summer 2020 Black Lives Matter Slideshows

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Summer 2020 Black Lives Matter Slideshows


After the murder of George Floyd,Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests surged around the globe. The COVID-19 pandemic amplified an existing dimension of BLM protest rhetoric: Instagram posts. Instagram users uploaded slidedecks that described concepts about racial justice, prepared people for police violence while protesting, and advertised nonprofits in need of donations—just to name a few. This Collection covers May through October 2020.

Collection Items

Protest guide on how to effectively target audiences with social media activism.

"10 Steps to Non-Optical Allyship" (May 2020)
Defines optical allyship and reviews how to avoid it in the context of anti-racism.

"this is to my white friends with feed fatigue" (May 2020)
Slideshow addressed to white people who are tired of seeing posts about Black Lives Matter.

"Why the refusal to post online is often inherently racist" (May 2020)
Black and white slideshow describing why social media users should not be silent during the Summer 2020 racial reckoning.

"ABOLISH the police? But how would we stay safe?" (June 2020)
Using resources from MPD150, the slideshow explains how police abolition would still keep people safe.

"How to use my voice" (June 2020)
Slideshow created from screenshots of an Instagram story illustration that depicted how activist information might travel on social media.

Keeping up anti-racist momentum after the news cycle (June 2020)
Actions for supporting anti-racist work beyond summer 2020, detailed in a pink slideshow with black and white all-caps lettering.

Things not to say to a Black woman (June 2020)
Centering "things Black women are tired of hearing," explains what is problematic about common microaggressions toward Black women.

Terminology to Know as a Social Justice Activist (June 2020)
Definitional slideshow explaining concepts like prejudice, discrimination, oppression, intersectionality, representation, race, micro aggressions, cultural appropriation

8 Facts About Black History That We Didn't Learn In School (June 2020)
Reviews U.S. Black historical information including the Black Panther Party, presidential perspectives on race, the constitution, and more.
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