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Basic responses to correcting offensive behavior and and responses to having behavior corrected.

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Actions for supporting anti-racist work beyond summer 2020, detailed in a pink slideshow with black and white all-caps lettering.

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Centering "things Black women are tired of hearing," explains what is problematic about common microaggressions toward Black women.

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Definitional slideshow explaining concepts like prejudice, discrimination, oppression, intersectionality, representation, race, micro aggressions, cultural appropriation

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Reviews U.S. Black historical information including the Black Panther Party, presidential perspectives on race, the constitution, and more.

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10-image slideshow detailing how non-black people can use their time, money, and energy to support Black people and Black Lives Matter beyond Summer 2020.

The slideshow criticizes popular strategies of promoting veganism as too individual-oriented and consumption-based. It says hierarchal domination is systemic.

The slideshow portrays a historical overview of Nixon and Reagan's War on Drugs, and how it was targeted to criminalize black neighborhoods and an anti-war left

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The slideshow conveys a description of the model minority myth as well as systemic racism specifically within a scope of the United States. It also specifically addresses white people in one portion to explain how they can assist in dismantling theā€¦

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Defines optical allyship and reviews how to avoid it in the context of anti-racism.
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